Here you can download the song and video titled "Be Happy, Not Sad". I wrote and produced these in memory of my youngest daughter, Jess Danby, who sadly died aged 19 on 2nd October 2015 after a road collision. She is very loved and sorely missed by many people.

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 Be Happy, Not Sad (video)

 Be Happy, Not Sad (song only - mp3)

They are free to download, but if you feel you would like to give something back in return then I would love you to donate a little cash by TEXT (JustTextGiving) to the Centrepoint Outreach Drop-in Centre in Boston, Lincs (Jess liked to support this charity). You can do this as follows:

Text this: BCPO15 £10        To this number: 70070

(That's BCPO15 with an 'O' for Oscar, not a zero. This example shows a donation of £10, but you can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.)
You will receive an acknowledgement text that confirms your donation has been received. The amount is simply added to your next mobile phone bill, or is deducted from your credit if you're using Pay As You Go.

Love and light.


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